How Businesses Use Their Facebook Blogs as an Advertising Medium

2Social media websites are used for a lot more than just staying in touch with friends and family. These sites have proven to be excellent mediums for advertising. One of the most common methods used to exchange information on a social media site is a blog. People who have accounts on Facebook could utilize their notes application to create a Facebook blog. One of the more advantageous features of this app is its ability to allow for longer versions of text-based communication. Many businesses are utilizing this app to post information associated with various aspects of their company.

Social Media Advertising

A Facebook blog could be used to provide information about the latest product a company is looking to promote or an unadvertised sale. Many businesses will offer special savings to people who visit their Facebook page by posting a special discount code inside their blog. Businesses could also use this forum to discuss the latest trends their companies are involved in. This could include everything from sponsored charity events to expansions. Using this social media website to blog about business related information is a great way for small business to increase their online presence.

Hiring security experts

The popularity of sites such as has lead to a sharp increase in sites such as facebook recruiting more security professionals who have skills in preventing the hacking of passwords for their users.

Informational Blogs

While more businesses are taking advantage of the advertising opportunities social media websites offer, there are also other uses for a Facebook blog. Any company, organization or private individual could use the blog to post informational content. This could include everything from how-to processes to reviews about music, books or videos. A bakery could provide helpful tips for cooking with fresh fruit in their Facebook blog. Parents could use their blogs to share advice and how-to tips for raising children. A social media blog post is a great way to establish a friendly connection with neighbors, clients or customers who might be looking for information about certain topics.


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