The Benefits of Blogging on Facebook

As one of the most widely used platforms for social interaction and content sharing, Facebook provides a cost-effective method to attract new followers with precision or by casting a wider net.

Finding Your Audience

With the ubiquitous state of social media, one of the easiest and quickest ways to connect with others interested in your content is using this network with over one billion users. Facebook utilizes hashtags for more efficient searching as well as an algorithm designed to provide awareness to unaware individuals. For those with a budget, Facebook also provides advertising tools to draw new followers to your writing.

A One-stop Shop

Facebook blogs add a centralized location that adds legitimacy and ease for a blogger. The easy to navigate organization of groups provides direct routes for both readers and the blogger. A possible new reader can follow the information flow into a specific blog while the blogger can follow this trail in reverse to attract them. Facebook users are also often online multiple times a day. This further increases the chances of your blog appearing on their News feed when using proper links to pertinent groups.

Cost-effective and Wide Reaching

Instead of starting and paying for a website that requires proper SEO and much more effort to be found, Facebook blogs are a free alternative that nestles easily within pre-existing groups. They also allow for one’s voice to be heard regardless of skill level. Hobbyists, amateurs, and professionals all have the same chance of being viewed. A person no longer requires strict credentials to be considered knowledgeable on a given subject.

Whether you are providing tips for an activity, sharing your own personal methods, or providing sourced and documented information, Facebook blogs are a worthwhile inclusion to grow and keep your audience.


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